Rosi Grillmair & Florian Mayr / January – April 2023

© Rosi Grillmair & Florian Mayr

The motivation for Rosi and Flo to move into the studio in the city is their interest in community projects and in discovering and telling good stories about people, communities and utopias.

“How do we live together now? How might we live together? Especially here in Preungesheim?”

Flo and Rosi met in 2021 at a protest camp fighting against a motorway being built through a nature reserve. Flo has also been active in the climate justice movement for over three years, and before that worked in photovoltaics as an engineer. Rosi has spent ten years working as an artist and art and technology mediator. Between January and April 2023 the pair intend to provide artistic and subversive inspiration through interventions in the area.

For instance, the exchange of ideas can take place in the form of future cafés, story evenings or workshops on topics around community building – ideally, though, the programme will grow and change through the people living in and around the area!

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“We need good stories about us and our future. If we can imagine them, we can make them happen. In my view, art and emancipatory learning are the best way to do this.”

Rosi Grillmair

“I’d like to show people in Preungesheim the other sides of climate activism that aren’t portrayed in the media and what role these play.”

Florian Mayr