An artist’s studio in the heart of Preungesheim

For a period of two years (2023-2025), the flying artist’s room – a mobile live-in studio – has taken up residence on Gravensteiner Platz in the Frankfurt district of Preungesheim for use by artists. The programme is contributing to the district’s cultural development and is designed to allow children and young people, as well as their families and other local residents, to participate directly in art and cultural education.
Artists, supported by interns, have been active in the district since June 2022 as part of the flying artists’ room, preparing the “landing” of the architecture. 

© Norbert Miguletz

Artist-in-residence programme and emphasis on digitality 

Artists work alone or as a duo as “artists-in-residence” for four months at a time in the studio in the middle of Gravensteiner Platz. During their stay, they initiate artistic processes by involving the inhabitants of Preungesheim in their artistic practice or developing it further together and planning and implementing projects in a participatory manner. In consultation with the neighborhood management, they address facilities and institutions in the district, such as schools or open child and youth work. On the other hand, they reach out to residents and people through open offers and activities in public spaces.

All artists deal with the topic of digitality in different disciplines and approaches. They use playful approaches to teach the new “cultural technique” and empower participants in their own use of digital tools and media.

Support from working students

The artists are accompanied by working students. The students support the artists with offers and networking with local institutions and facilities for open child, youth and family work. In addition, the working students design their own programs and implement them independently in the flying artists’ room and in the facilities in Preungesheim. 

How it all began

Since the 2018/2019 school year, the flying artist’s room in schools format has been implemented in schools in rural parts of Hessen with cooperation partners the Hessische Ministerium für Kultus, Bildung und Chancen and the Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung, Kunst und Kultur. Since the 2022/2023 school year, six flying artists’ rooms have been making guest appearances in school playgrounds in rural areas.

The flying artist’s room in an urban setting is a development of the concept for work in cities.