Kati Hyyppä & Niklas Roy / June-September 2022

Kati Hyyppä

Kati Hyyppä is a Finnish, Berlin-based artist and educator who works at the intersection of art and technology. In addition to building objects and installations, Kati Hyyppä gives courses and workshops. Her practice is rooted in materiality and hand-making, and she likes to explore different media from electronics and code to wood, recycled objects and textiles. Being inspired by the DIY and hacker culture, she remains curious and keeps learning new things through experimentation. Her projects often include an element of participation, critical making and humour as a means to open up a closer dialogue with our technological surroundings. Kati Hyyppä occasionally works with her partner Niklas Roy.


Niklas Roy

Through his work Niklas Roy explores art, science and technology, often in the form of humorous installations and machines. He likes making as much as possible himself because engineering, construction and coding are a nice way to keep learning new things. This hands-on DIY approach also constantly produces several ideas, which inspire projects yet to come. Niklas Roy also likes to teach others how to use technology in a creative, fun and reflected way. This happens in hands-on workshop, which he often conducts with his partner Kati Hyyppä. Before becoming a freelance artist, Niklas Roy worked as a 3D animator, a visual effects supervisor and a second unit director in the film industry.


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