Claudia Sárkány / Mid to end April 2023

Claudia Sárkány, who was born in London in 1981, is a film-maker and performer who now lives in Cologne. She studied film at The Arts Institute Bournemouth and the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Sárkány writes, directs and also always appears in her own short films. For more than ten years, alongside her filmmaking the 41-year-old has been working as an art and film mediator, focusing here on filmic storytelling as well. Since 2019 she has been part of the workshop duo trickster.
During her time in the flying artist’s room in an urban setting, she will predominantly be focusing on cut-out animation. If visitors are interested in other forms of filmmaking, Claudia Sárkány is open to offering advice and coming up with small audiovisual  exercises and experiments. Whether it concerns a comic, flipbook, photographic film or music video, her passion lies in telling stories with images.

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