Rosi’s work

connect.experience – Self-optimisation in seven steps

During her residency at osmo/za in Ljubljana, Rosi Grillmair explored mechanisms of the anthropomorphisation of machines and the impact that living with machines and algorithms has on us. The “connect.experience” exhibition is set out as a training centre where visitors try to become bots themselves; they do it with the promise of personal optimisation and increasing their own usefulness to society.

While visitors follow the circular path of a closed program loop – solving tasks, observing, answering, creating semantic networks and learning  – we physically execute the exhibition algorithm. So we are the target of the behaviour programming.

vvvv courses in Armenia

The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies is funded by Armenian expats and is intended to help young people in their home country receive training in creative technology. There are now TUMO Centers in all large towns in Armenia and TUMO Boxes in villages. These should enable all teenagers aged between 14 and 18 to have free courses in programming, graphic design, music and photography.

Rosi taught the visual open-source programming language vvvv for three months in various places, giving her the opportunity to get to know the country.

vvvv for TUMO (Article:

The living room in the living room – Performance in the main square in Linz

For a weekend during the Covid-19 lockdown of Christmas 2020, Rosi could be found in a container in the main square of her hometown of Linz. It contained a living room with original furniture from the 1970s provided by the state museum OÖ. That winter a great many people spent a great deal of time in their living rooms. Rosi was in one too, but in the public space as well. While in there she built a doll’s house from a DIY kit, following the Chinese instructions precisely. But unlike its Chinese factory worker, she was not underpaid for her efforts. Rosi made it to “enjoy being creative” during the tough lockdown period.

Flo’s works

Climate activism

MOMENT Magazine: “Extinction Rebellion: What’s it like being an activist in this protest movement? One of many.”

Forests are burning; species and ecosystems are becoming extinct. The future of life as we know it is in grave danger. Many thousands of human lives are at risk: the consequences of heat, drought and species extinction will be seen in hunger and the collapse of societies over large swathes of the planet. Its impact will be felt everywhere. Governments are ignoring facts that have been known for decades, and are persisting with a system that is destroying the basis of existence for future generations.

In this video Flo explains what it is like campaigning day in day out as part of the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protest movement to bring about a change in mindset in politics, consumer culture and society as well.