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The flying artist’s room lands in town

“The flying artist’s room in an urban setting” by the Crespo Foundation is an innovative format for cultural education in public spaces and is making its debut on Gravensteiner Platz in the Frankfurt district of Preungesheim from March 2023 to early 2025. Various artists will work as artists-in-residence in the a mobile live-in studio – the flying artists’ room – for four months at a time, initiating artistic processes together with local people.

The Crespo Foundation is implementing the program together with the Youth and Social Welfare Office of the City of Frankfurt, Preungesheim neighbourhood management in Frankfurt’s Active Neighbourhood programme run by Diakonisches Werk, a social welfare organisation for Frankfurt and Offenbach, the German Children and Youth Foundation and the NODE – Forum for Digital Arts.


Current information from the flying artists’ room