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Open House

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Urban Gardening Treff

16:00 - 19:00

Open House

The flying artist’s room lands in town

The Crespo Foundation’s flying artist’s room in an urban setting is a unique format for cultural education in public spaces. It is being hosted from the summer of 2022 in the Frankfurt district of Preungesheim for a period of two years. Artists in residence will each spend three months living and working in the mobile building – the flying artist’s room – and will embark on artistic processes with local people.

Since June 2022, artists, supported by interns, have been active in the district as part of the flying artist’s room and have thus prepared the “landing” of the building. Insights into the joint actions and reports about workshops in local institutions can be found on the blog and on Instagram.

The Crespo Foundation  is cooperating with Frankfurt’s Youth and Social Welfare Office, Preungesheim neighbourhood management in Frankfurt’s Active Neighbourhood scheme run by the Diakonisches Werk (a social welfare organisation) for Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany’s Child and Youth Foundation and NODE, an association promoting digital culture. 


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