Anna-Luise Lorenz / From May until September 2023

Anna-Luise Lorenz is a research-based designer and artist based in Berlin. In her practice, she creates synthetic and fictional worlds through animations, installations, games, performances, and short stories, which can be used to imagine and critically discuss new relationships and interactions between human and non-human actors.

She studied Design Interactions at the Royal College of Art in London and was, among other things, a fellow at the New Normal Think Tank of the Strelka Institute in Moscow. Her work has been exhibited, e.g., at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Meet Digital Culture Museum Milan, and Futurium Museum Berlin.

Anna is also active in university teaching. During her time in the flying artist’s room, Anna-Luise would like to explore the means of storytelling together with those interested in creating parallel realities.

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“Using both analogue and digital resources, I’d like to create new places of encounters, but also intervention and participation in the public space as well, and at the same time explore storytelling specifically as an emancipatory resource for creating parallel realities.”

Anna-Luise Lorenz

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